By Elegant Steel Nov, 9, 2021 General

Tests to Determine the Best Quality TMT Bars

TMT bar is an essential component for construction sector. As a result, it becomes imperative to identify the highest quality TMT bars. At Elegant Steel, several tests are conducted to ensure we deliver you only the best quality TMT bars.

There are a variety of TMT steel bars such as Fe415, Fe 415D, Fe 415S, Fe 500D, Fe 500S, Fe 550, Fe 550D, and Fe 600.

What is the Best Grade of TMT Bar for Construction?

Strength and ductility are the essential characteristics of TMT Bars. According to the IS Standard, Fe 500d Grade steel reinforcement bars offer the perfect blend of strength and flexibility.

It is used for all types of construction projects. Similarly, certain tests are carried out to determine its strength and elongation. They are:

  • Chemical analysis test
  • Yield stress test
  • Tensile test
  • Bend and re-bend test

Chemical analysis test

For chemical composition analysis, cross-sectional 50 mm/60 mm length samples of TMT Re-bar are cut through abrasives, ground and polished on one side and examined in a spectrometer. It takes the spectrometer around 10-15 seconds to produce printed results for 26 TMT elements. According to the BIS, the spectrometer measures the percentages of sulfur, carbon, and phosphorus.

Yield stress test

How much stress can a material withstand? When does it start bending plastically? During Yield Stress Testing, these factors can be determined. After the matter reaches its yield peak, it no longer deforms elastically. It will revert to its original shape once the stress is removed.

Tensile test

Universal Testing Machines (UTM) are utilized to determine reinforcement bar strengths. IS 1786 states that TMT bars whose diameter ranges between 32 mm and 32in can be inspected manually, whereas those whose diameter exceeds 32in must be inspected by a machine.

Bend and Re-Bend Test

Excessive handling often results in deformed TMT bars. This problem arises from material mishandling. Therefore, it is imperative to use caution while bending and rebending TMT bars at the construction site. While working with TMT bars on a construction site, it is essential to make sure that the bend radii listed in the standards do not fall below their minimum requirements. Incorrect bends can adversely affect the performance of steel reinforcement.

Elegant TMT Bars Never Compromise with Quality

ELEGANT Steel, the flagship brand of the Shakambhari Group, has become a legendary name among engineers and architects as a symbol of reliability, international quality, and competitive pricing. They provide unmatched quality regardless of the harsh conditions. It is certified as per IS 1786:2008, which offers the greatest elongation property when it comes to protecting your home from a devastating storm or earthquake. We also ensure that our end customers receive quality products at competitive prices. Consequently, there is provision for the optimization of the TMT bar production process, ensuring minimal waste.