Steel is the life of modern civilisation and is considered to be one of the most popular materials used in different industries for its high tensile strength, flexibility and sustainability. Reinforcement steel from Elegant Steel is used across a wide range of industries including Real estate, Infrastructure, Industrial Construction, Individual house construction and so on.

Different projects call for different types of QST bars depending on the compositional strength, dimensions and features. Available in multiple variations, Elegant Steel QST bars are used by reputed construction and developer firms across residential, commercial, industrial as well as infrastructure sectors.

Real Estate and High-rise

QST Bars steel exhibits high strength to weight ratio which provides a strong stiff frame for large buildings such as high rise, commercial complexes or townships. Residential as well as commercial buildings need to stand the test of time. With a tough outer layer and high bendability, Elegant steel QST bars is capable of withstanding natural forces such as wind, earthquake and storms.

Infrastructure Development

Different infrastructure projects have different and unique requirements depending on the conditions the structure is exposed to. Steel is a high tensile and highly durable material, required to build bridges, ports, flyovers, tunnels, schools, colleges, hospitals and so on. Engineers and Civil contractors prefer ELEGANT Steel QST bars to build such infrastructure for its elasticity, corrosion resistance capabilities and tensile strength.

Industrial Construction

Reinforcement Steel is widely applicable in the energy and utility sector that comprises a lot of industrial structures such as – oil refineries, power plants, steel plants, cement plants, etc. Steel is cost-effective and reliable. ELEGANT STEEL QST bars meet the need and demands of such industries.

Individual Home Building

Steel is an irreplaceable part of the modern housing industry. The combination of strength and durability allows architects to explore broader parameters of designing and come out with innovative solutions., The advantages of ELEGANT STEEL QST bar include – Earthquake resistant and Corrosion-resistant steel, robust grip on concrete and cost-effectiveness. The after-sales services of ELEGANT STEEL make it an exclusive brand among its competitors. It is the foremost choice of a smart buyer building his/her ‘Dream Home’.