Link Easy is mainly used to hold the main bars together for lateral support to the main structure. It is a closed loop of reinforcement, made of rebar that can be of varied sizes depending on the design and shape of the load-bearing structure. At Elegant Steel, we produce quality Link Easy made of high strength, ribbed QST bars.
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Link Easy Application Areas

A Link Easy is a loop which is embedded in any concrete structure to hold the main rebars together. The Link Easy prevent the columns and beams from collapsing under severe forces like one experienced under earthquakes

Why should you choose Link Easy from Elegant?

  • The great dimensional accuracy of Elegant Steel’s Link Easy allows it to stay rigid in the face of severe force.
  • Elegant Link Easy is manufactured using premium quality QST rebars. The automated manufacturing process and strict quality control ensure accurate dimensions, consistency and quality which result in superior strength of beams and pillars.
  • Sophisticated, automated machinery used in the manufacturing process reduces labour cost as well as prevent rebar wastage. Thus, Elegant Link Easy ensure faster work completion with minimum waste.
  • Elegant Link Easy have a superior interlocking angle that ensures rigidity during an earthquake preventing any damage to the structure.

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