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All You Should Learn About 550D TMT Bars

TMT Bars denote another name for safety and the safest choice for construction at present. TMT aka Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars are available in different ranges including QST TMT bars, Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 550D, Fe 500D, and Fe 600. However, today, we are here to discuss and learn about Fe 550D TMT bars in this blog piece.

Fe 550D is also known as rebars in the marketplace and is higher in demand by architects, civil engineers, and home builders for its features.


A Broader Know-How on Fe 550D TMT Bars

Fe 550D is an “A” grade TMT steel bar and it has been specified by the product regulatory standards ‘IS 1786:2008’ to satisfy the requirement for deformed steel bars as well as wired highly used in the concrete reinforcement domain. The symbol Fe denotes Ferrous (Iron). The primary metal used to produce Fe 550D TMT bars is Iron. the unit Fe 550D denotes 550 N/mm2, meaning minimum yield stress in MPA (8% more than 0.2% ps, but it is not less than 600.0 N/mm2).

Also, the “D” in Fe 550D denotes the percentage of elongation or ductility. And, Fe 550D TMT bars are built with a minimum 14.5% elongation percentage. This feature in Fe 550D helps to prevent cracks in construction structures, improve workmanship on-site, and higher bendability. In short, Fe 550D has a higher standard of tensile strength with higher yield power.


Why to Choose Fe 550D TMT Steel Bars?

There are many reasons that architects, civil engineers, and construction contractors choose Fe 550D TMT Steel Bars over other TMT bars. Let us have a look at the reasons,


Suitable for Building Structures in Different Areas:

Whether it is a coastal area, seismic zone, or area underwater; Fe 550D TMT steel bars are the best-suited steels for construction buildings (commercial, and/or industrial), bridges, highways, flyovers, and underwater structures.


Shock-Resisting Strength:

Fe 550D TMT bars are incredibly resistant to shocks because of their higher elongation power. Thus, these bars are extremely useful for construction in seismic and/or earthquake-prone zones.


Higher Resistant to Corrosion:

As Fe 550D TMT bars are built with low alloy materials including chromium, copper, phosphorus, nickel, carbon, and sulfur; they are highly resistant to corrosion and Fe 550D bar-built structures last for a long time.

Plus, the low use of elements mentioned above increases the elongation and ductility strength in these TMT bars and makes them resistant to temperature, heat, shock, and natural calamities.


How 550D Bars Are Different from 550 TMT Bars?

Both 550D and 550 bars are good for construction and are highly popular these days in various commercial, residential, and industrial projects. But, when it is all about ductility and elongation with the resistant power to rising temperatures, higher loads, and seismic shocks, Fe 550D is proven better here.

The ‘D’ factor in Fe 550D ensures a higher degree of ductility, purity based on chemical properties, and rust-free feature (due to the oxide thin layer on 550D bars) compared to Fe 550 bars. The bent capacity of Fe 550D makes it a staple to use in high-rise residential/commercial structures with better stability, flexibility, and tensile strength.


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