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At Elegant Steel, we are confident in being the largest supplier of TMT bars in Bengal. Unyielding to quality and innovation, our products have become widely accepted for building and construction projects in this area. In a word, Elegant Steel has an amazing network of five advanced integrated steel plants located in West Bengal across the state.

About Us: Elevating Standards, Empowering the Construction Sector

Elegant Steel is a pace-setter in the steel sector. The company offers high-quality products and services through the complete asset lifecycle. Our TMT bars are highly praised for their amazing strength, durability, and adherence to the standards of the global market. Made from modern technology and high-quality raw material, all of our TMT bars go through rigorous testing to ensure that they work optimally and are reliable.

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Why Choose Elegant TMT Bar in Bengal

Uncompromising Quality: The quality of our thermomechanicallytreated rebars is beyond doubt. Through a strong quality control program administered at every procedure stage, we ensure that our TMT bars surpass industry standards.

Innovation-driven:We aim to innovate and exceed the limits of perfection. Our superior production plants are fitted with the advanced technology required to produce TMT bars that correspond with the trending demands of the construction sector.

Reliability: The brand remains an old and trusted name to architects, engineers, and builders for many decades. We guarantee the durability of your construction work by furnishing it with our TMT bars that provide the structural strength necessary to stand the test of time.

Sustainability: Being a responsible corporate citizen, Elegant Steel is committed to green technology that ensures minimal damage to the environment. Our production processes are designed with resource conservation and reducing carbon footprint in mind, which consequently lead to a less toxic environment.

Advantages of Using Elegant Steel TMT Bars

Superior Strength: TMT bars of our manufacturing unit are designed and developed in such a way that they can exhibit the ultimate strength and resilience, which makes them applicable for different ranges of building projects.

Enhanced Ductility: Elegant Steel TMT bars are superb ductile, bent and welded forming would be very ideal as workability is amazing, making the installation and construction so much easier.

Corrosion Resistance: Designed to provide high-endurance against adverse weather conditions, the TMT bars prove to be resistant to corrosion guaranteeing the longevity of their structural integrity thus ensuring their long-term durability.

Cost-effectiveness: The fact that the Elegant Steel TMT bars follow unparalleled quality standards, they are financially competitive, being the ultimate solution for the customer that does not want to do without performance.

Manufacturing Process

QST or TMT stands for Quenched and Self-Tempered steel rebars fabricated by a quick cooling process called quenching and self-reheating of hot-rolled steel bars. The manufacturing process of Elegant QST bars usually involves 3 essential steps –

  • Quenching
  • Self-tempering
  • Atmospheric cooling

The Process

  1. The raw materials such as iron ore, coal, dolomite etc. are piled, recovered and mixed in required proportion and converted into metallic iron.
  2. The primary construction steel making process begins with the conversion of metallic iron to crude steel through electric heating and refining and after refined steel is brought to the continuous casting machine to solidify into rectangular cuboid called billets/blooms.
  3. Hot billets are rolled through thermomechanical treatment in fully automatic rolling mill, processed through quenching and self-tempering system and finally, rested for atmospheric cooling to produce the world class quality QST bars.
  4. The stringent quality checks are carried out through in line production and final products are tested for chemical, mechanical and physical properties. Batch identification is attached to each lot.

From procurement of the raw material to the manufacturing of TMT bars and dispatch of the final product, the entire process takes place in our integrated steel plant, which allows us to produce the best quality TMT bars.

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