By Elegant Steel Nov, 9, 2021 General

How to estimate the cost of construction accurately?

Almost every aspect of a construction project requires cost estimation. It is an important step in the bidding process, as it helps you to determine an appropriate offer as well as the impact of an undertaking on your cash flow.

There are several ways to estimate construction costs:

  • The unit cost estimation

    Generally, unit cost estimates are used when large projects are broken up into smaller parts (or “units”).

  • The production function estimation

    Material and labour costs involved in the production function should be included in estimation process to determine the overall cost.

  • The stick estimation

    Stick estimation is an intuitive technique. The following procedure entails writing down every expense associated with the project.

The best way to estimate construction costs

It’s good to have a general idea of the cost estimation categories. Here are some tips for the accurate estimation of the construction costs.

  • Keep track of your resources

    An estimation study begins by determining how many resources the project will need to complete it successfully.

  • Calculate labour costs carefully

    A project’s labour cost is often the most difficult element to estimate. In addition to our workers’ hourly wages, you need to consider any benefits they receive as well as the possibility of time theft, which, if left unaddressed, can severely drain your budget.

  • Calculate the cost of construction materials

    You should estimate the cost of construction materials according to accurate unit values. You can gather market information via orders, quotes or any other means.

  • Take experts’ advice

    Accurate cost estimation is one of the most challenging parts of construction. So, it should be handled by experienced personnel. Appoint an expert to take care of the whole estimation process.

Cutting construction costs with TMT bars

TMT bars are widely used in the construction sector. Compared to ordinary steel bars,
QST (Quenched and Self-Tempered) Bars from Elegant Steel have a good elongation value and higher tensile strength. Additionally, uniform and controlled sectional weight of Elegant QST Bars allows savings up to 14% in steel usage.

Making the right choice

Steel is an important material not only for building and maintaining structures, but also for supporting the economy. TMT steel bars are always in high demand due to the expansion of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, airports, ports, interstates, etc. It is, therefore, always wise to use Elegant Steel TMT bars since they offer superior stability, safety, and equilibrium to concrete structures both due to their high resistance to dynamic loads and variable yield and tensile strength.