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How TMT bars can protect your construction against natural disasters?

Modern urban construction boasts many desirable attributes, including stunning architectural and multi-layered designs that address individual lifestyles and user needs. Did you ever wonder how safe these constructions are during a natural disaster? Steel is the primary material used in construction. That’s why the quality of steel plays a huge role in the construction process. TMT bars provide structural strength and stability to buildings against natural disasters. Elegant steel offers a wide range of TMT bars in various gauges and grades to meet any construction requirement.

What is a TMT bar?

A Thermo-Mechanically Treated (TMT) steel bar undergoes multiple chemical and metallurgical processes in order to become a strong reinforcement bar. In this way, they get a durable outer layer and a softer inner core that makes tensile strength more effective. TMT bars from Elegant Steel are corrosion resistant as well as possess many other interesting properties.

How do TMT bars protect constructions from natural disasters?

Flood: During floods, your construction can become worn out and corroded due to prolonged exposure to water. Elegant TMT bars have anti-corrosive properties and high durability for its unique manufacturing process which can prevent flood water to cause any harm to the structure.

Earthquake: The most common natural disaster that damages and destroys property is an earthquake. The extremely ductile and bendable nature of Elegant TMT bars make them capable of absorbing the vibrations to a great extent, reducing the likelihood of extensive structural damage to buildings.

Storms: Storms or hurricanes pose a significant threat to a building during any construction phase. Elegant TMT bars can help resisting the damages in a better way due to their high strength, bendability and fatigue resistance capability.

Fire: A fire is one of the most destructive natural disasters and it can cause the most damage. They mainly affect the stability and structure of a building. For engineers and builders, fire safety is one of the most important concerns. TMT rods can withstand temperatures of up to 600 degrees Celsius and have a high thermal capacity. Fire-resistant TMT bars are ideal for fighting fires and protecting buildings.

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Whether you are building your own home or supervising a multimillion-dollar construction project, using superior quality TMT bars can save you money and reputation. Elegant Steel manufactures a wide range of TMT bars & QST Bars in a variety of gauges and grades to meet all construction needs.

Combining best-in-class technology with rigorous quality assessment, we produce exceptional quality TMT bars at an affordable price. Step ahead of natural disasters with Elegant TMT bars and create wonders in your construction projects.